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Quo Vadis with this Blog

What is all this writing a Blog About

So I’ve read books about blogs, facebook pages about blogs, how to instructions about blogging and they all say the same thing “find something you are passionate about and write about it”.

Passion – What is passion –    A very strong feeling – or a very strong liking.

What am I passionate about.   Well nothing really and everything.   Life and what I have left and living it to the fullest.   Not what a lot of people would call a full life, but it is a full life for me.

When I first started thinking about writing a blog, I asked myself way .  I realized that I wanted to be heard by someone other than myself writing in a journal.   I miss discussions expressing my opinion and I don’t do small talk well.   I find that most discussions with people my age centre around their grandchildren.   Yes I have four, but they are not my whole world and I do like to talk about other things.

So my blog will be a lifestyle blog – my lifestyle , slow and as comfortable as I can make it.   I will stay away from negative people, not get involved in dramas.   I will not be travelling.   I have 7 cats and 2 dogs, all elderly and I don’t wish to leave them.   I am caregiver to an older sister and I can’t leave her to go off travelling.

And my interests are a little less than focused as they have been my whole life.   So I will be writing about what interests me on any specific day from politics to what I am reading, reflections on life, art (both looking and appreciating and doing), animals, pets, cooking, gardening, crafts, jewelry making and the occasional travel (imaginary, as in if I could go away where would it be to).   Some of the topics will be serious, some not.   I have a small craft business on Etsy.   Sometimes I will talk about that, mostly not.

I may not be an expert at anything but by the time you get to be in your 70’s you tend to know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff.

So this is my World

The Old House at the End of the World

I live at the end of the World.  Perhaps that a bit of an overstatement.     I live in a town that sits on the border of Canada and the US.   My physical world stretches east/west and north but not south.    The Canada/US border is the end of my world.  Also my age, at 74, I am coming to the end part of my life and therefore my world.   I do say that I am going to live another 20 years but who knows what tomorrow will bring.   My house is old, built in 1895.   Probably one of the oldest houses in town.   But its comfortable, paid for and it suits me.    The garden is large enough for the dogs to run, but not to large for me to look after.

The town is quiet, which suits me.   I moved here 15 years ago, hiding to recuperate from emotional wounds inflicted on me while living in the city.  And I have never regretted the move.   Well, sometimes when I would like to order take-away, and there is no where to order from.

I am  self confident enough to think that I have something to say, and arrogant enough to think that other people will want to hear it.


Some set their hearts on a rocking chair

The better to sleep out their days

I’m looking for a reason to scream and shout

I don’t want to fade away


This bog is my way of screaming and shouting .   I don’t want to fade away     I wish to be heard